Christopher was born in Oklahoma City in 1958. His father was a World War II veteran also from Oklahoma who had returned home with his new wife to raise a family. It was there he attended school having been an active student athlete, preferring football above all his other athletic pursuits. He was a Senior Honor Roll student and President of his Junior and Senior Class.

In 1978 he married and then finished college after studying technology and began a career in the emerging Information Technology business. He has three children. During the years that followed he served as Sr. Pastor for eight years in a local new testament church he founded with his wife as well as several years in short term missions and relief work in the Nation of Haiti. After moving his family to Tennessee in 1998 his wife suffered a prolonged illness, after which he became a single father of their three young children.

Chris is a dynamic public speaker and highly effective communicator having years of experience addressing large congregations, audiences and corporate executives as well as local television and radio. Sound biblical principles are the driving force behind his message. He is a successful entrepreneur, businessman and the author of two books, the most recent dealing with manhood, relationships and leadership in an ever changing world. He is also a former candidate for United States Congress.

Chris has consulted with major Fortune 500 companies in areas of their Information Technology and has designed and built major software systems for corporate business. He is also an accomplished pilot holding a VFR and IFR rating. Between 2006 and 2008 he built a 200 m.p.h. experimental aircraft in his private workshop before getting his FAA pilot certification. He then trained with an instructor in that same aircraft and after completing his final examination, flew it solo from Nashville to Phoenix and back in 2009.

To face challenges in life is human; it's how we deal with them that
makes us who we are."
~ Christopher Carter