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Suspense Thriller | Faith Based | Fiction

A Tale of the Victorious End of Time

As the age of the Millennium comes to a glorious close, quantum AI is common, world peace exists, and mankind flourishes. But for Dr. Eddie Falco and Karissa Putnam, devilish forces lurk among the shadows, silently seizing institutions of strategic power.

FOREVER, a mind-bending thriller, imagines the near future when, for a millennium, the world has prospered without war, sickness, tears, or death. But as ancient prophets foretold, mankind descends into the last days in which its greatest enemy, now released for a time, makes one last attempt at world conquest.

Using the levers of modern culture and ruthless men as pawns, a cadre of demonic powers carefully acquire dominion. Cities fall into chaos as the world struggles. A quantum AI spirals out-of-control causing social structures to collapse.

Ancient angelic warriors appear to protect and defend the faithful, directly engaging the devils in heart-stopping battles. Finally, they reveal a prophetic message hidden carefully for a millennium. Mankind's ultimate fate hangs in the balance in this true-to-life and accurate Tale Of The Victorious End Time.

Inspired by authors like Frank Paretti and others, FOREVER, using a biblically based but fictional story line, takes the next step in dealing with the nature and operations of angels and demons and their interactions with us in the spiritual realm.

Your hair will stand on end long before you reach the last page.


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