A Novella

Mr. Tamaso
Crime Thriller | Mystery | Suspense

Sometimes It's Good When The Bad Guy Wins.

In a world filled with crime, crooks, and corruption, the little guys don’t stand a chance. The suits in their corner offices could care less; their maleficence is legendary. The good ole boy system is no better; there’s a thousand ways to skim off the top.

But those are the bad people the cops eventually catch. What about the deep criminals, the delinquents—you know, the real villains who’ve been at it for years? They're the ones no one can catch; the ones who think they got away with it. Rooted in their corruption, these crooks are unassailable. And what's worst is that most of them look and act just like regular people. It would take more than a mere man to crush these felonious empires—someone with “otherworld” abilities. A judge, jury, and executioner, all rolled into one.

Well, meet Mr. Tamaso, the specter of unavoidable justice. On the surface, he seems like a regular guy; he’s not much for words and doesn’t keep friends. He ventures from nowhere, and as for where he’s headed next, nobody knows for sure. What he does have is a penchant for evildoers. In short, he just doesn’t like them.

Relentlessly stalking purveyors of the perfect crime, he is fearless and inventive. Showing up uninvited, he rats the criminals out and makes them an offer. And no matter which way it goes, when he delivers the verdict, it’s final.

Mr. Tamaso delivers thrilling action and complex characters in a world that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This book is perfect for fans of crime thrillers, mysteries, and suspense. If you enjoyed "The Godfather" or "Breaking Bad," then you won't want to miss Mr. Tamaso. So don't wait; get your copy now and discover what so many others have: that sometimes it's good when the bad guy wins.